It’s no different in the IT world. Network and data center managers have their own favorite brands when it comes to connectivity, cabinets, PDUs and cable management. But every now and then, a brand fails to deliver. That’s exactly what happened at Humana, the 3rd largest health insurance company in the nation. Despite their brand loyalty on fiber connectivity, the jumpers they were using just didn’t cut it when it came to port access in high-density patching areas or needing to change polarity on the fly.

But all that changed when Jay Pielemeier, manager of data center architecture and services for Humana, tried Siemon’s LC BladePatch® jumpers with push-pull activation and easy field polarity changes. Now the LC BladePatch is all you’ll see at fiber patching areas in Humana’s data centers. I think for Jay, it was sort of like using Heinz ketchup on your french fries for the first time and realizing there simply isn’t anything better.

“Siemon’s LC BladePatch jumpers are much easier on our technicians’ hands and just the polarity change feature alone saves 15% of our time.”


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